Security measures against Covid for schools reopening

Covid-19 has been a challenge in public health since the declaration of a pandemic in 2020. A year later, security measures against Covid when schools reopening  pose unprecedented challenges.

We are in the midst of a ‘new normality’ dominated by new sanitary practices, personal protection and prevention. So, parents, educational personnel and students will have to internalize the protocols established in their educational center to function in the midst of the crisis that still persists.

How to neutralize Covid when schools reopening?

Provisions that parents should take when sending their children to school.

There is a fairly widespread basic protocol to reduce the risk of getting Covid-19 when schools reopening to face-to-face classes. This consists of three stages:

  • Before leaving home. Parents should measure the child’s body temperature and check for breathing problems. If there are no symptoms, make sure you use the mask correctly, which should cover the nose and mouth; In addition, you should carry a hand sanitizer gel with you and use frequently.
  • On the way to school. It is essential to wear a mask during transport and wash your hands when getting out of it.
  • At school. Avoid physical contact when greeting, do not remove the mask, keep your physical distance; do not share cutlery, food or drinks. Teachers should verify that there is adequate ventilation in enclosed spaces (preferably open windows).

At school, disinfection is the key

At school, disinfection is the key

An effective strategy to help neutralize Covid when schools reopening is to disinfect the facilities and furniture. Systematic cleaning and disinfection, following a plan and protocol, will be the key to reducing the risk of contagion.

Small area disinfection

Disinfection of tables, desks, computers, and other shared items should be done daily to eliminate the pathogen. Non-shared equipment and furniture should be disinfected at least once a week.

When dealing with small physical areas, the Sanitizer Pro 100 handheld sprayer is the ideal disinfectant applicator. It is small, affordable, easy to handle, and highly effective.

Disinfection of wide spaces

For the disinfection of the physical infrastructure: corridors, lounges, offices, stairs, handrails, there must be a schedule and a routine protocol. Due to the size of these areas, it is unlikely to disinfect daily; however, it must be done frequently.

Backpack sprayers, such as the Sanitizer Pro 250, are very effective for this task. This applicator incorporates a container with space for 4 gallons of disinfectant and can cover large areas in a short time.

Other security measures

In addition to disinfection procedures there are other important measures:

  • Permanent access to safe drinking water in the institution.
  • Availability of spaces for personnel and medical supplies.
  • Educational and informative campaigns about the importance of prevention against Covid-19.

Protected spaces with Nebtec

Disinfecting school areas when millions of children and young people are returning to classes is a great responsibility. That is why it is essential to have the most efficient products for this task.

Nebtec has the most effective and fastest disinfectant applicators against the presence of Covid-19 on surfaces and common areas. They are high-quality products designed for the best coverage with minimal consumption and at affordable prices.

Another very effective product is Effersan tablets. It dissolves in water to create a well-known and safe disinfectant called HOCL (hypochlorous acid). It’s ability to help eliminate bacteria, virus and fungi on smooth surfaces makes it an ideal product for schools. By combining the use of these products with personal hygiene measures, can help improve safety when returning to school

Here at Nebtec, we want to do our part to help educate our customers and keep them safer and healthier during this difficult time. If you have any questions about our products, please don’t hesitate to reach out

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