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Manufacturing the Best Disinfectant Applicators in the World!

THOUSANDS of Satisfied Customers around the world

Manufacturing the Best Disinfectant Applicators in the World!

THOUSANDS of Satisfied Customers around the world

10x Faster · 10x Better coverage · 10x Less consumption · 10x Less cost


10x faster,

10x better coverage,

10x less consumption,

10x less cost

✅ Easy to use by everyone. 

✅ Ultra-high density mist for faster and more complete coverage.

✅ Saves Time and Money.

✅ Improved overall disinfection results.

✅ Uses the least amount of chemical per Sq. Ft.

Fastest Most Efficient Disinfectant Applicators in the World


Lowest Overall Cost per Square Feet Disinfecting.

Up 10x faster and better coverage than other applicators.

Savings through flow reduction and time savings.

Complete coverage without over wetting.

Less power consumption.

Improved overall disinfection results.

Better Portability.

Easy to use.

Main Differences

Our main difference is that our technology completely covers surfaces & environments with disinfecting micro droplets. We achieve total & uniform surface coverage with minimum chemical consumption, maximizing the use of disinfectant while meeting the recommended dwell-times* for effective cleaning, sanitizing & disinfection processes.

Sanitizer Pro Disinfectant Applicator Units

Sanitizer Pro™ 1OO

Handheld Disinfectant Applicator (Model 16 oz)

Small in size but not in performance, the Sanitizer Pro™ 100 delivers an incredibly powerful micro-mist that is perfect for disinfecting your home, office, vehicles, packages, groceries… as well as a perfect addition to all commercial disinfecting needs as a spot applicator. Compact. High-density. High coverage. Low consumption.

Sanitizer Pro™ 25O 18 V

Backpack Disinfectant Applicator

The Sanitize Pro™ 250’s incredibly powerful micro diaphragm pump delivers a 100 PSI high density fine mist unlike any other electric backpack sprayer on the market. They are a perfect way to sanitize medium and large areas.

Sanitizer Pro™ 3OO

Pull Cart Disinfectant

The Sanitize Pro™ 300 gives the professional or anyone else needing medium & large venue disinfection a way to provide fast and effective application, while being mobile enough to go where other high pressure tanks cannot.

Sanitizer Pro™ 325

Industrial Pull Cart Disinfectant Applicator

With an impressive 1200 PSI commercial grade pump, the Sanitize Pro™ 325 gives you BIG performance in a rugged portable package. Available in 120V and 240V models. It is truly a one of a kind workhorse for anyone needing to disinfect “really” large areas while being fast & efficient.

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